Name on Rice Necklace / Metal Tube protects your message / Stainless steel Figaro chain Necklace- Real Red Flower in it.

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Product Overview

This item is a small size of name on rice jewelry.

Metal tube protects the glass vial and your messages on a grain of rice.
Personalized Name on Rice Jewelry is a meaningful gift for someone special to you!
We will be filled in the vial with clear oil and sealed with super glue.- real red flower add in.
Once the oil is in, all you can see is the rice floating in the middle of the vial.

Please don't forget to email me or send me a message your personalize information.

Metal tube pendant Size:
Height: 21 mm/ 0.86 inch. Diameter: 8 mm/ 0.3 inch.

Stainless steel chain:
Width: 3 mm / Thickness: 0.75 mm Length: 18 inch.

Your pendant materials:
Metal Bottle Shape and glass vial and stainless steel chain necklace.

1. Please send me an email me or send me a message your personalize information.

What word/words do you want us to write on a rice?

A, Desired Name or Any Message.

B, Date: Birthday or Anniversary or Wedding date, etc. ( Please show me the exactly way you want);

C, Special words like "Love", " I ♥ U " etc. ( A heart shape in red color. )

Number of letters on the rice:

I can write up to 10 characters.

Space would count for 1 letter. To draw a heart, would need 2 characters spaces.

You may ask to write 2 names
Shorter name would be a bigger characters and easier for you to read.

2. Chain:

Stainless steel Figaro chain it never tarnishes or rust - last forever for you or your lived ones.

3. Flower:

Mini real red flower in the vial.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review