NAME ON RICE NECKLACE LONG TUBE WITH A REAL DRIED RED FLOWER IN IT,Rice Necklace, Your Name Written On A Grain Of Rice, Name Writing On Rice

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Please take a look all sample photos before make an order.

Your Name on Rice Charm (One piece) with Red Flower in it as shown on photos.
* Bronze-plated metal cap with adjustable wax cord 12" to 24" (Black).
Customized Name on Rice in Glass Long Tube vial. Great Gift for Special Days or Someone you care! Up to 10 characters.
Space would count for one character, to draw a heart would need 2 character spaces anyway.
However, more letters on the rice is going to be more difficult to see.
Shipped in a beautiful free gift box (for Birthdays, Anniversary's, Wedding's, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day Etc.)
Please take a few steps to finish your customize Name on Rice Jewelry.
Size: Glass tube: 33 mm (L) x 6 mm Diameter)
Black wax cord: Adjustable 12 inches to 24 inches.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review