Personalized vertical bar birthstone necklaces. Won't rust or tarnish. We'll customized what you asked.

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Product Overview

This bar tag is small. (38mm x 16mm x 1mm)

If you want a key-chain please let us know.

This bar tag has a small size, so please check the size before ordering. Please note that this is a personalized product and cannot be returned or refunded.

Custom Personalized Couples Name Necklace Baby Name Necklace Family Tree Necklace Mom Necklace.
Tiny Bar Tag (38mm x 16mm x 1mm)
Any words or name, Coordinates or Dates on Dainty Tags and chain.
Material: Stainless steel - Won't rust or tarnish.
Stainless steel Chain: 2.9mm width Figaro chain.

9 Benefits of Wearing Stainless Steel Jewelry:
Stainless steel jewelry is safe to wear, plus it looks beautiful. There are so many reasons to wear it! Better to learn more
Stainless jewelry has found its way into our lives and has even become a popular alternative to gold and silver.
If you know a snazzy pattern, chances are you’ll find it in stainless steel.
Here are 9 reasons you should switch things up with our favorite white metal.
1. Doesn’t Tarnish
2. Hypoallergenic
3. Easy-to-Maintain
4. Affordable
5. Comes In a Variety of Designs
6. Great for Both Genders
7. Environmentally Friendly
8. Durable
9. Safety


(No reviews yet) Write a Review